Thursday, July 30, 2009

Alexandra Fullerton {who styled it?}

No need for too many words...simply gorgeous!Stylist
Alexandra Fullerton does fantastic work!

Ostwald Helgason {cute & unique}

The collections of Designer Ostwald Helgason may not be for everybody, but I must say that I love these pieces from the 09' collection! I especially adore the pants in the first and last photo!

Ostwald Helgason

Ostwald Helgason

Monday, July 20, 2009

DJ Rashida {spinning style}

When beauty meets talent, style, and a warm soul, what do you get? You get a super fabulous DJ fashionista known as "DJ Rashida". Some of you may know her as the stylish DJ for Prince, or as the DJ for the popular MTV show "America's Best Dance Crew", or maybe you are a regular at California's Temple Bar in which she spins regularly. However, I have been a big fan of Rashida well before she hit the scene, as I met her through a mutual friend while in high school. Not only is she mega talented as a DJ, but she TRULY is beautiful both inside and out. Her style is impeccable, and quite eclectic..the perfect chica to highlight here on Style Gypsy don't you think?

Rashida has rubbed elbows with the most elite within the music and fashion community and I thought it would only be proper to highlight some of my favorite photos of her within all of her fabulousness! Be sure to check out her personal blog "A Diamond Life" in which she shares some sneak peeks of inspiration via her traveling moments, fashion, music, and her nights and days as a DJ! You can also find more photos via her myspace page.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fleur Wood {sweet selections}

Loving these sweet pieces from the 2009 Fleur Wood Collections. I especially love the black mini with the laced sides and I so want that bohemian printed dress!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Laura Dawson {gypsified chats}

Oh my! So a LONG time ago( wont tell you the year...LOL), when I thought that I wanted to focus on fashion on JuBella, I had the opportunity to interview the talented Fashion Designer Laura Dawson, and now that I have started this blog I can finally feature this interview where I feel the readers would appreciate it! So with that said, here is a little mini chat with the fabulous Laura Dawson...Enjoy! Oh, and be sure to check out her online boutique for some super cute pieces to add to your collections!

Laura Dawson {gypsified chats}

Laura: The style is very, very now. It's not about the future, nor the past.
It's about the only moment we ever live in - right now. It's playful,
dark, edgy, young, and has an impeccable downtown pedigree.

Style Gypsy: Fashion & Style magazines that you couldn't live without?

Laura: Useless, Bombin,The Super Super,xlr8r,Music for Robots,Animal,Paper,Pop,Self Service,V,and Numero!

Style Gypsy: What do you love most about what you do and what things would you like to achieve in the future both in your career and life?

I love that I can create the world I want to live in. I love the
fluidity of how influence travels. I'd like to achieve a completely organic business with the lightest of footprints. I'd like an urban castle made of glass that is completely green:).

Style Gypsy: Most unique thing about you?

Laura: There are so many things about me that stand out. It would be easier to name areas where there is common ground with others. The most unique things are my ability to segue from one area of
interest to another, very seamlessly. And there are the things about
me which are contradictory - a person in a chic and elite industry who
is inclusive, considerate and without an ego attitude!

Style Gypsy: Products, accessories, gadgets, & things you never leave home without?

Laura: My phone, wallet and keys. usually also a sketch book and something to read.

Style Gypsy: Biggest achievement within your fashion career?

Laura: Being listed in fashion houses in le book. Having my work published in
a coffee table book about new talent in fashion design from fusion
publishing. Having runway shows at new york fashion
week and watching people enjoy wearing my clothes.

The Ting Tings {sounds like fashion}

I heart this song by the Ting Tings so much! I remember when I first heard it and I kept playing it over and over and over, so much that even our 5 year old started to like it! If you have trouble viewing the video here, then just click here.
The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name

Jaime Mascaro: Ursula Collection {me love the shoe}

I'm back! As you can all figure out out, I have had baby girl! She was born on May 17th...exactly on her due date. Needless to say I have not exactly been in the fashionable mood (which explains my lack of blogging here) with the mama pouch that's left and the extra bloating. But I am ready to get back into shape and blogging here on Style Gypsy always gets me motivated to beautify my outer life! LOL.

Anyhow, moving along into fashion talk. Is it odd that I do not like/hate wearing heels yet I love the artistic/fashion value they hold? I find comfort in flats or short pumps, and even wedge heels, but there is something unnatural about wearing heels/stiletto style shoes. I am sure it would give me much needed height to my 4" 11" frame, but I just feel awkward in them. I dunno, but I can't help but to swoon all aver these pieces from the Ursula 2009 Collection of Mascaro (fyi:you may have to click on the Spanish version to see pics). I especially LOVE the gold pair with the peep toe that are at the top of the last photo...fabulous!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ope Style {who styled it?}

Hi everybody! No! Still no baby,I'm set to be due this Sunday! But I do have some rather fabulous stylish photos to deliver to you. I really fell in love with these photos by Stylist Ope'of New York! Her compositions are great and the artistic value that she adds to her work is simply gorgeous! Sometimes you can just tell when someone has the "it" factor and I definitely look forward to seeing more of her work!

"A self-taught artist, Opé has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. Opé hails from St. Louis, MO. born to Nigerian parents was able to see Nigeria for the first time as a teenager. Surviving a huge culture shock at the time, it tempered the way she sees a colorful world around her. She has sold her paintings to people who have enjoyed her work immensely.

Seeing herself as an artist first and foremost, Opé views fashion styling as another medium to extend her artistry to the canvas of real life."

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little: Aurélie NGuyen {video with style}

I think this video is super cute and simple and oh how I do want that pink umbrella to twirl around on my gloomy rainy days..LOL. So, if you have not noticed, my posting has been a bit irregular, sorry, but being preggo has it's moments, and I have not had the energy to blog much lately, although I do have tons of ideas rolling around in my head. So, hopefully once baby comes out I will be back to posting weekly here on Style Gypsy. Thanks to all of you who are keeping up with me & I am super excited about my new blogger followers! I promise, there will be more eye candy to come soon. I'm expected to deliver by May 17th..about 3 weeks from now. Yay!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Liza Rietz

Cute pieces from Designer Liza Rietz. I especially love the jacket in the first photo! Gorgeous! I would love to someday have a small fashion line. I have a name in mind that I would use and tons of ideas. I really adore indie fashion companies that take pride in one-of-a-kind pieces or small collections.

Liza Rietz

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cynthia Lawrence John {amazing stylist}

Swoon! I love the styling of Cynthia Lawrence John. Her work is so lush!

Au Revoir Simone {videos with style}

I love these videos by Au Revoir Simone! I think they carry the artsy, vintage look oh so well & their videos are beyond fantastic,dreamy, & nostalgic!

Au Revoir Simone

Arian Camilleri {pic pick}

Such a pretty and artistic photo from photographer Arian Camilleri!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lolita Jaca {sweet & sassy}

Totally loving the colors in the Lolita Jaca 2009 Summer Collection. I especially love the long flowing dress with the tube top..ugh..lovely indeed!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lilly Allen: The Fear {videos with style}

Happy Friday everybody! I hope you all have a fabulous and relaxing weekend. Here is a video with style for you to get your weekend started!I have some sweet eye candy for you on Monday!

Who Styled It? Elissa Santisi

Oh what would we do without those who come up with clever and fabulous ways to make our glossies oh so beautiful! Beyond the amazing clothes and the great photography, it's the stylists who really bring the personality to the page! With that said, here are a few images from Stylist Elissa Santisi. The use of color and location is gorgeous, and out of all of them I especially love the pink/gradient shoes that are photographed amongst the hues of pink, gray, and black stones...a fantastic detail!

Elissa Santisi

Elissa Santisi

Monday, March 9, 2009

Apricot Tea {gypsify her style}

Who: Ev'Yan Nasman;
Where: Pasadena, CA
Occupation: Freelance Writer, amongst other things.
Blog: Apricot Tea

Say hello to the lovely Ev'Yan of Apricot Tea! Ev'Yan writes a fabulous blog which covers her fashion trends and life stories and inspirations. She carries such a comfortable, laid back, chic style, and we love it from head to toe! Her short crop goes oh so well with all of her ensembles and I think she takes some of the cutest pics(I wish I was that photogenic). Not only does this fashionista stir up some great styles, but she also beads up some great handmade jewels which are for sale in her online boutique aka Apricots Closet!

So, grab a cup of joe..oh no...scratch that..grab a cup of tea(apricot to be exact) and enjoy the gypsified style of Ev'Yan!

Style Gypsy: What's your style?

Ev'Yan: My style is a bit hard for me to pinpoint, as it is always expanding. But I lean more towards things that are androgynous and minimalistic; I sometimes draw my inspiration from men’s styles. My style can be slightly feminine with a harder edge. I'm not very drawn to bold colors; I have a tendency to favor monochromatic looks with greys, blacks, & whites. If I do add color to my outfit, it's usually just a splash. I like to keep things simple. Regardless of what look I'm going for, I always have comfort in mind & try to be 100% genuine with my ensembles. To me, that is what's most important: looking effortlessly put together, as though you weren't even trying.

Style Gypsy: Favorite shops & boutiques?

Ev'Yan: I like to stay local: H&M, Cali, Forever21, American Apparel; I live in American Apparel shirts. I am a big fan of Target, too. I've found some of my most favorite pieces there. Most recently, a pair of drop crotch pants that I have been coveting for a long time, & they were under $20! I'm all about frugality. While I admit to indulging in splurges -- Ray Ban sunglasses, for example -- my whole look is usually made up of pieces that cost under $20. I like proving that it's more than possible to look smashing on a limited budget. You just have to know what to look for, while knowing what's best for your body. A lot of my clothes have been kept for ages. I have pieces in my closet that I've had for 5+ years. I refuse to let anything go, especially if it looks great on me.

Style Gypsy: Fashion & beauty must haves?

Ev'Yan: I must have a good pair of black tights on hand. I wear tights with cut-off shorts very often; I'm most comfortable in them. Also, I'm a sucker for flat shoes. I cannot walk in heels, even if I wanted to. Flats are more practical to me. I wear them constantly.

Style Gypsy: How do you stay beautiful?

Ev'Yan: I owe my clear skin to drinking a lot of water daily, & vegetarianism. Ever since I made the decision to be meat-free, I've seen (& felt) a significant change in my body. I think how you feel & look on the outside has everything to do with what you put inside your body.

Style Gypsy: Favorite beauty & hair care products?

Ev'Yan: I love Kerastase haircare; I use Bain Satin #3 Shampoo, & the Masquintense #3 Conditioner. I love mineral makeup, since I've never been fond of smothering my face with liquid foundation. Mineral makeup gives me enough coverage to leave me feeling confident, without my face feeling weighed down. I also love LUSH; not just because they have amazing smelling products, but because they are 100% natural, & do not test on animals. I especially love their bath bombs. I take baths religiously.

Style Gypsy: We love your beauty books..have you created more and do you create fashion scrapbooks as well?

Ev'Yan: I haven't worked on a beauty/fashion book in ages, but I've been playing around with the idea again. Since I don't read magazines, my beauty/fashion books have been a huge inspiration for me in the past, in a very personal way. While I love to express my creativity through clothing, I get most of my kicks from creating things like beauty books, or painting abstract pictures, or writing. When I create, I get in tuned with my likes & dislikes, which, in turn, helps develop my personal style. Creativity & imagination influences everything in my life.

Ev'Yan: Apricot Tea

Style Gypsy: What is it about fashion/style, that makes you love it so much?

Ev'Yan: It's an outward expression of who you really are, & what you stand for. It's a clear reflection of the music you listen to, the books you read, & the people that inspire you. If you look closely, you can tell so much about a person by what they choose to wear. For some people, clothes are just clothes. For others (& me), it's a bold personal statement, & one that they wish to share with the world.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Claudia Scholtan {pic pick}

Love the colors in this photo by Photographer Claudia Scholtan, especially the blue and yellow around the eyes!

Butterfly Breeze Set {like it. click it. shop it. wear it}

So I have finally jumped onto the Polyvore wagon, and I must say that this little tool is quite an addictive one! So, every now and then when time allots I will share some of my favorite wardrobe mixes here via Polyvore! Click here To Shop The Butterfly Breeze Set.

Monday, March 2, 2009

123 BAM! Vintage {gypsify their style}

“As for beauty - The best thing a girl can do is to 'discover her hotness'. It sounds kinda lame, but mutton can look unreal when it's not trying to look like lamb. Unless you're Dita von Teese, we say there are better things to do with your morning.” -One Two Three Bam Vintage

Time for some real style inspiration! Today we are gypsifying the style of the oh so stylish owners of One Two Three Bam Vintage. Absy & Qooza are two Aussie friends who loves everything vintage and thrifts up some fantastic pieces! You can shop their vintage finds at their ever evolving Ebay or their Etsy shop. Beware because these two ladies offer up some fabulous links that's filled with stylish eye candy!

Style Gypsy: How would you describe your style?

Absy: I'm striving for a closet full of handcrafted dresses made from lovely vintage fabric, but I mostly feel on top of my game when I'm in a mean pair of jeans.

Qooza: Casual tomboy with smatterings of Australian – New Zealand labels.

Style Gypsy: What is your philosophy on fashion & beauty?

Absy: On fashion, we want to prioritize what's vintage and homemade or recycled as there is just so much STUFF in the world already. However new jeans or shiny new shoes will make us throw that philosophy out the window pretty easily.

Qooza: Yeah, I may or may not have bought a few new things on sale from Built by Wendy last week. But I'm gonna wear the hell out of them!!

Style Gypsy: What are some of your favorite stores & boutiques to shop?

We do so much online these days, we're huge Etsy and eBay hunters and find DIY/thrift bloggers like Liebemarlene and Sally Jane inspiring. We thrift every spare moment we have.

Absy: Every few days I sneak out of my office to snap up any new gems from the goldmine that is the Wayside Chapel (Kings Cross).

Qooza: I go gangbusters at the various Berlin flea markets - my favorite is my local Mauer Park Flea. I also miss Pretty Dog in Newtown, Sydney, that stocks my favorite Aus/NZ designers including Karen Walker and Lover. I usually walk out with one item of clothing I can't really afford whenever I go there.

Style Gypsy: Favorite fashion & beauty magazines and/or books?

Bam: We love Lula magazine, although it's super hard to find, so we prefer to stick to the ones we can find in our local libraries. Old designers books, dressmaking/tailoring/sewing books and vintage patterns collected from op shops provide a lot of inspiration. Oh and Blogs. So many great blogs.

Style Gypsy: Favorite pieces in your closet & clutch/handbag?

Absy: My homemade 50's flight attendant outfit with matching hat holds a special place in my heart. But lately I've not been leaving home without my harmonica.

Qooza: I'm going through my first real Winter, so at the moment I'm all about wool tights and beanies. I can never have enough!