Monday, March 9, 2009

Apricot Tea {gypsify her style}

Who: Ev'Yan Nasman;
Where: Pasadena, CA
Occupation: Freelance Writer, amongst other things.
Blog: Apricot Tea

Say hello to the lovely Ev'Yan of Apricot Tea! Ev'Yan writes a fabulous blog which covers her fashion trends and life stories and inspirations. She carries such a comfortable, laid back, chic style, and we love it from head to toe! Her short crop goes oh so well with all of her ensembles and I think she takes some of the cutest pics(I wish I was that photogenic). Not only does this fashionista stir up some great styles, but she also beads up some great handmade jewels which are for sale in her online boutique aka Apricots Closet!

So, grab a cup of joe..oh no...scratch that..grab a cup of tea(apricot to be exact) and enjoy the gypsified style of Ev'Yan!

Style Gypsy: What's your style?

Ev'Yan: My style is a bit hard for me to pinpoint, as it is always expanding. But I lean more towards things that are androgynous and minimalistic; I sometimes draw my inspiration from men’s styles. My style can be slightly feminine with a harder edge. I'm not very drawn to bold colors; I have a tendency to favor monochromatic looks with greys, blacks, & whites. If I do add color to my outfit, it's usually just a splash. I like to keep things simple. Regardless of what look I'm going for, I always have comfort in mind & try to be 100% genuine with my ensembles. To me, that is what's most important: looking effortlessly put together, as though you weren't even trying.

Style Gypsy: Favorite shops & boutiques?

Ev'Yan: I like to stay local: H&M, Cali, Forever21, American Apparel; I live in American Apparel shirts. I am a big fan of Target, too. I've found some of my most favorite pieces there. Most recently, a pair of drop crotch pants that I have been coveting for a long time, & they were under $20! I'm all about frugality. While I admit to indulging in splurges -- Ray Ban sunglasses, for example -- my whole look is usually made up of pieces that cost under $20. I like proving that it's more than possible to look smashing on a limited budget. You just have to know what to look for, while knowing what's best for your body. A lot of my clothes have been kept for ages. I have pieces in my closet that I've had for 5+ years. I refuse to let anything go, especially if it looks great on me.

Style Gypsy: Fashion & beauty must haves?

Ev'Yan: I must have a good pair of black tights on hand. I wear tights with cut-off shorts very often; I'm most comfortable in them. Also, I'm a sucker for flat shoes. I cannot walk in heels, even if I wanted to. Flats are more practical to me. I wear them constantly.

Style Gypsy: How do you stay beautiful?

Ev'Yan: I owe my clear skin to drinking a lot of water daily, & vegetarianism. Ever since I made the decision to be meat-free, I've seen (& felt) a significant change in my body. I think how you feel & look on the outside has everything to do with what you put inside your body.

Style Gypsy: Favorite beauty & hair care products?

Ev'Yan: I love Kerastase haircare; I use Bain Satin #3 Shampoo, & the Masquintense #3 Conditioner. I love mineral makeup, since I've never been fond of smothering my face with liquid foundation. Mineral makeup gives me enough coverage to leave me feeling confident, without my face feeling weighed down. I also love LUSH; not just because they have amazing smelling products, but because they are 100% natural, & do not test on animals. I especially love their bath bombs. I take baths religiously.

Style Gypsy: We love your beauty books..have you created more and do you create fashion scrapbooks as well?

Ev'Yan: I haven't worked on a beauty/fashion book in ages, but I've been playing around with the idea again. Since I don't read magazines, my beauty/fashion books have been a huge inspiration for me in the past, in a very personal way. While I love to express my creativity through clothing, I get most of my kicks from creating things like beauty books, or painting abstract pictures, or writing. When I create, I get in tuned with my likes & dislikes, which, in turn, helps develop my personal style. Creativity & imagination influences everything in my life.

Ev'Yan: Apricot Tea

Style Gypsy: What is it about fashion/style, that makes you love it so much?

Ev'Yan: It's an outward expression of who you really are, & what you stand for. It's a clear reflection of the music you listen to, the books you read, & the people that inspire you. If you look closely, you can tell so much about a person by what they choose to wear. For some people, clothes are just clothes. For others (& me), it's a bold personal statement, & one that they wish to share with the world.


Alicia/InstantVintage said...

I love Ev'Yan! She's super sweet and very stylish. Great feature - she definitely deserves the nod.

apricot tea. said...

Thank you so much for this, Ericka. It's absolutely beautiful. One of the best features I've ever done! & it was worth the wait. =]

Brandy B. Wine said...

Awesome profile. I'm going to check her out right now.

Simply said...

Love this blog! She is great. She also have amazing tips.

Steph said...

Great sandals in those first pictures, and great overall interview!

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