Monday, March 2, 2009

123 BAM! Vintage {gypsify their style}

“As for beauty - The best thing a girl can do is to 'discover her hotness'. It sounds kinda lame, but mutton can look unreal when it's not trying to look like lamb. Unless you're Dita von Teese, we say there are better things to do with your morning.” -One Two Three Bam Vintage

Time for some real style inspiration! Today we are gypsifying the style of the oh so stylish owners of One Two Three Bam Vintage. Absy & Qooza are two Aussie friends who loves everything vintage and thrifts up some fantastic pieces! You can shop their vintage finds at their ever evolving Ebay or their Etsy shop. Beware because these two ladies offer up some fabulous links that's filled with stylish eye candy!

Style Gypsy: How would you describe your style?

Absy: I'm striving for a closet full of handcrafted dresses made from lovely vintage fabric, but I mostly feel on top of my game when I'm in a mean pair of jeans.

Qooza: Casual tomboy with smatterings of Australian – New Zealand labels.

Style Gypsy: What is your philosophy on fashion & beauty?

Absy: On fashion, we want to prioritize what's vintage and homemade or recycled as there is just so much STUFF in the world already. However new jeans or shiny new shoes will make us throw that philosophy out the window pretty easily.

Qooza: Yeah, I may or may not have bought a few new things on sale from Built by Wendy last week. But I'm gonna wear the hell out of them!!

Style Gypsy: What are some of your favorite stores & boutiques to shop?

We do so much online these days, we're huge Etsy and eBay hunters and find DIY/thrift bloggers like Liebemarlene and Sally Jane inspiring. We thrift every spare moment we have.

Absy: Every few days I sneak out of my office to snap up any new gems from the goldmine that is the Wayside Chapel (Kings Cross).

Qooza: I go gangbusters at the various Berlin flea markets - my favorite is my local Mauer Park Flea. I also miss Pretty Dog in Newtown, Sydney, that stocks my favorite Aus/NZ designers including Karen Walker and Lover. I usually walk out with one item of clothing I can't really afford whenever I go there.

Style Gypsy: Favorite fashion & beauty magazines and/or books?

Bam: We love Lula magazine, although it's super hard to find, so we prefer to stick to the ones we can find in our local libraries. Old designers books, dressmaking/tailoring/sewing books and vintage patterns collected from op shops provide a lot of inspiration. Oh and Blogs. So many great blogs.

Style Gypsy: Favorite pieces in your closet & clutch/handbag?

Absy: My homemade 50's flight attendant outfit with matching hat holds a special place in my heart. But lately I've not been leaving home without my harmonica.

Qooza: I'm going through my first real Winter, so at the moment I'm all about wool tights and beanies. I can never have enough!


Alicia/InstantVintage said...

These ladies have a wonderful sense of style. Great looks.

big mens suit said...

I remember my mom style,vintage dresses still cool.