Monday, July 20, 2009

DJ Rashida {spinning style}

When beauty meets talent, style, and a warm soul, what do you get? You get a super fabulous DJ fashionista known as "DJ Rashida". Some of you may know her as the stylish DJ for Prince, or as the DJ for the popular MTV show "America's Best Dance Crew", or maybe you are a regular at California's Temple Bar in which she spins regularly. However, I have been a big fan of Rashida well before she hit the scene, as I met her through a mutual friend while in high school. Not only is she mega talented as a DJ, but she TRULY is beautiful both inside and out. Her style is impeccable, and quite eclectic..the perfect chica to highlight here on Style Gypsy don't you think?

Rashida has rubbed elbows with the most elite within the music and fashion community and I thought it would only be proper to highlight some of my favorite photos of her within all of her fabulousness! Be sure to check out her personal blog "A Diamond Life" in which she shares some sneak peeks of inspiration via her traveling moments, fashion, music, and her nights and days as a DJ! You can also find more photos via her myspace page.


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