Thursday, July 9, 2009

Laura Dawson {gypsified chats}

Oh my! So a LONG time ago( wont tell you the year...LOL), when I thought that I wanted to focus on fashion on JuBella, I had the opportunity to interview the talented Fashion Designer Laura Dawson, and now that I have started this blog I can finally feature this interview where I feel the readers would appreciate it! So with that said, here is a little mini chat with the fabulous Laura Dawson...Enjoy! Oh, and be sure to check out her online boutique for some super cute pieces to add to your collections!

Laura Dawson {gypsified chats}

Laura: The style is very, very now. It's not about the future, nor the past.
It's about the only moment we ever live in - right now. It's playful,
dark, edgy, young, and has an impeccable downtown pedigree.

Style Gypsy: Fashion & Style magazines that you couldn't live without?

Laura: Useless, Bombin,The Super Super,xlr8r,Music for Robots,Animal,Paper,Pop,Self Service,V,and Numero!

Style Gypsy: What do you love most about what you do and what things would you like to achieve in the future both in your career and life?

I love that I can create the world I want to live in. I love the
fluidity of how influence travels. I'd like to achieve a completely organic business with the lightest of footprints. I'd like an urban castle made of glass that is completely green:).

Style Gypsy: Most unique thing about you?

Laura: There are so many things about me that stand out. It would be easier to name areas where there is common ground with others. The most unique things are my ability to segue from one area of
interest to another, very seamlessly. And there are the things about
me which are contradictory - a person in a chic and elite industry who
is inclusive, considerate and without an ego attitude!

Style Gypsy: Products, accessories, gadgets, & things you never leave home without?

Laura: My phone, wallet and keys. usually also a sketch book and something to read.

Style Gypsy: Biggest achievement within your fashion career?

Laura: Being listed in fashion houses in le book. Having my work published in
a coffee table book about new talent in fashion design from fusion
publishing. Having runway shows at new york fashion
week and watching people enjoy wearing my clothes.

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