Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jaime Mascaro: Ursula Collection {me love the shoe}

I'm back! As you can all figure out out, I have had baby girl! She was born on May 17th...exactly on her due date. Needless to say I have not exactly been in the fashionable mood (which explains my lack of blogging here) with the mama pouch that's left and the extra bloating. But I am ready to get back into shape and blogging here on Style Gypsy always gets me motivated to beautify my outer life! LOL.

Anyhow, moving along into fashion talk. Is it odd that I do not like/hate wearing heels yet I love the artistic/fashion value they hold? I find comfort in flats or short pumps, and even wedge heels, but there is something unnatural about wearing heels/stiletto style shoes. I am sure it would give me much needed height to my 4" 11" frame, but I just feel awkward in them. I dunno, but I can't help but to swoon all aver these pieces from the Ursula 2009 Collection of Mascaro (fyi:you may have to click on the Spanish version to see pics). I especially LOVE the gold pair with the peep toe that are at the top of the last photo...fabulous!


Shell said...

Congratulations on your new little angel.
I admire heels. I share your view. I am more comfortable in flats and short pumps.

Anonymous said...

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