Monday, May 11, 2009

Ope Style {who styled it?}

Hi everybody! No! Still no baby,I'm set to be due this Sunday! But I do have some rather fabulous stylish photos to deliver to you. I really fell in love with these photos by Stylist Ope'of New York! Her compositions are great and the artistic value that she adds to her work is simply gorgeous! Sometimes you can just tell when someone has the "it" factor and I definitely look forward to seeing more of her work!

"A self-taught artist, Opé has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. Opé hails from St. Louis, MO. born to Nigerian parents was able to see Nigeria for the first time as a teenager. Surviving a huge culture shock at the time, it tempered the way she sees a colorful world around her. She has sold her paintings to people who have enjoyed her work immensely.

Seeing herself as an artist first and foremost, Opé views fashion styling as another medium to extend her artistry to the canvas of real life."

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