Monday, February 16, 2009

Lash Out {grow my lashes}

I have a terrible problem of my eyelashes being very weak! I yearn for a set of full, lush eyelashes, but it seems with the slightest rub my lashes tend to break. So, what to do you ask? Well, the best thing you could possibly do for your lashes is to condition condition condition! Conditioning your lashes with either a biotin based mascara during the day, & castor oil or olive oil at night, can help strengthen those lashes. Just as you would treat the hair on your head, your lashes need plenty of moisturizing as well. You may also try taking in more foods and vitamins that are high in Vitamin B as well. I have heard of some people using vaseline, but in my opinion that's much too greasy for me.

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My Fashion Frenzy said...

great tips! it is very important to take care of our lashes. just imagine how we'd look without them? lol