Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gypsified by Etsy: Kaylim Design


I heart etsy so what better thing to do than to feature some of my favorite shops! If you are an etsy designer or if you create beauty products that are sold on etsy and would like to be featured, then just shoot me an e-mail!

I am swooning over these crocheted and handmade creations by KayLim Designs! These scarves make me only wish that I lived in a cold weather state, but unfortunately for my love for winter fashion gear, Georgia does not get very cold during the winter months. Nevertheless if you are in a state that blesses you with cold air and blizzards, then you better grab you one of these fabulous gems to adorn yourself with! She also has a few handmade garments in her shop as well! Swoon!



tuxedo tails said...

is that still available in ebay or amazon?

sex shop blog said...

This won't work in reality, that is what I suppose.