Friday, February 20, 2009

Imogen Heap {video w/style & thank you}

Hi there everybody! I want to give a big thanks and send out huge hugs for all of you who have come by to leave a comment & to gypsify your style here at Style Gypsy during my first week up! It means so much to have your support, as it can feel quite lonely when launching a new blog..especially within such a saturated topic as fashion & beauty. Yet, as time moves on, I hope to bring more DIY style to the table and of course more gypsified posts. So thanks again everybody.

I'm off for the weekend and will be back Monday. Here is a "Video With Style" sung by English singer-songwriter Imogen Heap to get your energy going for the weekend. Have fun!

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Imi Loa said...

Oh this song is beautiful!