Monday, February 16, 2009

Gysify Her Style: Instant Vintage

Who: Alicia
Where: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: I am a full time paper pusher/graphic designer/daydreamer. 


ymib: Whats your Style?
Alicia: It's a mixture of vintage and basics, a dash of what's current, and whatever I'm feeling at the moment.  Overall, I wear what makes me happy and what I am intrigued by, and luckily that can range from one end of the spectrum to the other.

ymib: What is it about fashion, especially vintage styles, that makes you love it so much?
Alicia: Fashion,, is probably one of the purest forms of self expression for those who don't like to say too much. I think people have a better sense of who I am based on the way I dress than they would if I were to run down my life story and list of quirks. As for vintage, the thrill there is in knowing that your pieces aren't going to be on everyone's back. As much as I love F21, I really love my vintage because each piece is (more often than not) unique and possesses a different quality than garments made today.

ymib: Favorite shops & boutiques?
Alicia: Forever 21, ebay, Jet Rag (a vintage shop in L.A.) and Goodwill. Any place that requires me to actively hunt for something is good in my book.

ymib: Fashion & Beauty must haves?
Alicia: A good pair of jeans is an absolute non-negotiable in my world. That also goes for an interesting pair of shoes and a cardigan or jacket that you can throw on top of anything and look put-together.  Beauty-wise, I can't live without C.O. Bigelow lip gloss.  It's a small thing, but if I don't have it in my handbag, I am far from happy.  Very far.

ymib: How do you stay beautiful?
Alicia: Shea butter (it's a godsend for my skin) and not taking life too seriously.

ymib: Favorite Beauty & Hair care products?
Alicia: Nars blush in Orgasm is the one makeup product that I probably will never give up.  I also am a huge fan of Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner.


InnyVinny said...

This is amazing. Thank you SOOO much!!! =D

Anonymous said...

Great interview! Alicia exudes such a fun, funky confidence. Love it!

Gem said...

Wonderful interview and beautifully put together!

Jennifer said...

I love her! Great interview!

Unknown said...

LOVE your style. great interview and I want every single outit!

chauss said...

i love alicia! great interview.

Anonymous said...

Alicia is gorgeous! And I love the lay-out of this post :)

jugganautical said...

Look at Licia Ree getting some press.. watch out for the paparazzi lil sis..

tuxedo tails said...

She look like African,but I like her pose and style.